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The Moral Revolution in Atlas Shrugged

The Moral Revolution in Atlas Shrugged

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Ayn Rand's ideas have come to the forefront of some contemporary political debates. This book provides a concise exposition of her ethics, useful to those of any political persuasion who wish to understand political trends and to engage in intelligent debate. This essay by Nathaniel Branden was prepared under Ayn Rand's oversight. It offers a classic analysis of Rand's portrayal of her radical ethical perspective. 

This essay discusses the essentials of Rand's ethics and its crucial relevance to America's intellectual, moral, and political crisis. There are overtones applicable to America in 2014. It serves as an excellent commentary on the historical and cultural significance of her ethics and the view of man as a moral ideal.

Nathaniel Branden (1930 - 2014) was known as a pioneer in the philosophy of Objectivism, largely via his Nathaniel Branden Institute. He became known as the father of the self-esteem movement due to his best-selling work in the psychology of self-esteem. Nathaniel Branden presented lectures at multiple Atlas Society events.
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