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Ethics at Work: Objectivist Insights on Business

Ethics at Work: Objectivist Insights on Business

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This short engaging collection of essays presents a moral view of business life where success, achievement, and happiness are the central goals. Here, business — honest trade of value for value — is part of the core of ethics. The contributors include: William R Thomas, the editor, writing on "Ayn Rand's Ethic of Achievement"; David Kelley, writing on integrity and entrepreneurialism, and Edward Hudgins, writing on loving one's work. Jay Lapeyre, President of Laitram, LLC, wrote the preface. 

If you ever wondered what's good about business, or wondered what moral ideas like "integrity" really mean, "Ethics at Work" is for you. It's full of ideas to make your life more effective, consistent, and principled. This is business ethics in the key of pro-business idealism.  Edited by William R Thomas.

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