About us

In her novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand presents a romantic vision of the heroic individual. Later philosophic works such as The Romantic Manifesto and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal addressed existential questions and provided
a code for living, which she called Objectivism. 

On a political level, the philosophy provides a moral, secular foundation for capitalism. On a personal level, this philosophy provides a blueprint for avoiding unnecessary suffering, confusion, and strife by relying on values such as self-reliance, integrity, rationality, productive effort. 

Why has this common sense philosophy not been more widely adopted? One reason,
argues philosopher David Kelley, is the need to understand the rational role of benevolence—and how it differs from altruism and self-sacrifice. 

The Atlas Society was founded to promote a more fully integrated, evolving, and tolerant approach to Rand’s philosophy. Its programs are designed to reach out to a younger, broader, more diverse audience and introduce them to Rand’s revolutionary ideas.