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The Literary Art of Ayn Rand: (2nd edition)

The Literary Art of Ayn Rand: (2nd edition)

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The Literary Art of Ayn Rand focuses on Rand as a writer: the brilliantly distinctive stylist, the master of aphorism and symbol, the apostle of essentialistic characterization, the rigorous integrator who insisted that all elements in a work serve a single theme, and the ingenious plotter who took pride in constructing her magnum opus as a "stunt" novel of mystery and misdirection. 

Now in one volume, nine essays by seven authors shed new light on the depth and complexity behind Rand's inspiring and entertaining writing. The contributors include: 

Kirsti Minsaas: 
"Structural Integration in The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged" 
"The Visual Power of Ayn Rand's Fiction" 
"The Stylization of Mind in Ayn Rand's Fiction." 

Mimi Reisel Gladstein: 
"Breakthroughs in Ayn Rand Literary Criticism" 

Nathaniel Branden: 
"The Literary Method of Ayn Rand" 

David Kelley: 
"The Code of the Creator" 

Stephen Cox: 
"The Literary Achievement of The Fountainhead
"Anthem: An Appreciation" 

Peter Reidy: 
"Frank Lloyd Wright and Ayn Rand" 

William R Thomas: 
"Ayn Rand's Philosophical Stunt Novel" (about Atlas Shrugged)
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