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Reason and Value: Aristotle versus Rand (Objectivist Studies Book 3)

Reason and Value: Aristotle versus Rand (Objectivist Studies Book 3)

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By Roderick T. Long (Author), Fred D. Miller Jr. (Author), Eyal Mozes(Author), William R Thomas (Editor)

A #1 Kindle Bestseller in "Epistemology" 

Roderick T. Long offers a new interpretation of the differences between Aristotle and Ayn Rand in ethics and epistemology. Among the issues at stake: Can Rand’s epistemology account for the actual ways in which we learn and use knowledge? Does Aristotle share Rand’s commitment to sense perception as the foundation of knowledge? What is the meaning of the ethical standard of man’s life qua man? This groundbreaking volume includes detailed critical commentaries from Aristotle scholar and Bowling Green State University Professor Fred D. Miller, Jr. and from Objectivist scholar Eyal Mozes. An extensive reply from the author concludes the discussion. 

Roderick T. Long received his philosophical training at Harvard (A.B., 1985) and Cornell (Ph.D., 1992), has taught at the University of North Carolina and the University of Michigan, and is currently Professor of Philosophy at Auburn University. He is coeditor of Anarchism/Minarchism: Is a Government Part of a Free Country?. Long is president of the Molinari Institute and Molinari Society, editor of The Industrial Radical, and co-editor of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies. A founding member of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left, senior scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and senior fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society, Long blogs at Austro-Athenian Empire and Bleeding Heart Libertarians. His principal research interests are moral psychology, ethics, Greek philosophy, philosophy of social science, and libertarian/ anarchist thought. 

Fred D. Miller, Jr. received his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Washington. In 1972, he became a member of Bowling Green State University’s Department of Philosophy and was elected as Chair of the department in 1977. He was the first executive director of the Social Philosophy and Policy Institute at Bowling Green University as well as editor of its journal Social Philosophy and Policy. He is co-editor of A Companion to Aristotle’s Politics (Blackwell, 1991) and author of Nature, Justice, and Rights in Aristotle’s Politics (Oxford University Press, 1995). He has published numerous articles on ancient Greek philosophy and on modern political philosophy in such journals as Philosophical ReviewPhilosophical Quarterly, and History of Philosophy. He has coauthored and edited over twenty books, including a series on social philosophy and policy published by Cambridge University Press . In 2013, after 41 years, Miller retired from Bowling Green University and is now a Research Professor at the Freedom Center at the University of Arizona. 

Eyal Mozes, is a scientific developer at the National Center for Biotechnology Information in Washington, D.C. as well as an independent scholar. Mozes holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University in computer science with a minor in philosophy. He has published on philosophical topics in Reason Papers and Navigator, a now-defunct publication of The Atlas Society. Some of his other writings on Objectivism can be found on The Atlas Society website and on his web site at: https:// site/ eyalmozesonobjectivism. 

Thomas is a lecturer in economics at the University at Albany. He has been a lecturer at the University of Michigan, where he taught the economic history of the United States and China. He is the author of Radical for Capitalism, and the co-author of the survey The Logical Structure of Objectivism. He is the primary contributor to the best-selling Myths About Ayn Rand and heads educational programs at The Atlas Society in Washington, D.C. Thomas is the conference director for the annual Atlas Summit. 


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